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Northumberland Cardiac Support Group
Support through recovery...recovery through support
HeartRecovery, created by the Northumberland Cardiac Support Group in Cobourg, Ontario, is a site dedicated to sharing knowledge and experiences surrounding recovery from a cardiac incident. Since its inception in 2003, the group has become the recipient of an invaluable wealth of knowledge concerning the recovery process and it is our aim to make that information available to others through the voices of those who have been there.
For those beginning the road to recovery, as well as those anticipating cardiac surgery, this site also offers the benefit of the personal experiences of many who have gone on to lead healthy and fulfilling lives.

HeartRecovery is also directed at caregiver/support persons who play an invaluable role throughout the rehabilitation period. Surviving a heart attack and/or cardiac surgery is a life-altering experience and optimum recovery depends not only on the skills of doctors but on a positive and supportive healing environment. It is our intention to contribute to that process through the voices of experience; to reassure you by letting you know that you are not alone.

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The purpose of this web-site is to offer layman's help and support to those recently recovering from a heart attack and/or cardiac surgery through the words of those who have experienced and recovered from cardiac episodes. This site is in no way a medical site; it is not intended to provide medical advice and any medical concerns should be referred to your family physician or cardiologist..