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About Us

Support through recovery ..... recovery through support


The group was founded in 2002 in Cobourg, Ontario, by Grahame Woods, a retired mental health counsellor. Having survived a heart attack and subsequent bypass surgery, he discovered, returning home from the hospital, that a vacuum existed between discharge and link-up with cardiologists and general practitioners. Where he lived there was no avenue whereby emotional issues, fears, concerns and recovery needs could be discussed by those who had ‘been there.’ Combining his working and medical experiences, he created the support group, at the time the only one between Toronto and Kingston.

With the invaluable support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation of Ontario, Peterborough Area Office, and Cobourg’s Northumberland Hills Hospital providing meeting space, the group officially meets on the second Monday of each month but is able, at very short notice, to bring together an appropriate core group to accommodate new members and their immediate concerns. It is a member-focused group with an important part of its mission encouraging partners/caregivers to attend, as the role they play is critical to the healing process. Regular meetings cover a wide range of recovery interest – rehab, lifestyle changes, diet, medications etc. – acknowledging that talk therapy can be a simple and effective contribution to the recovery process, something the medical profession has neither the time, nor the set-up, to deal with.

Since its inception, and with its membership drawn from an increasingly wider area, it quickly became apparent that the group membership not only shared a common recovery experience, but also provided insight into that experience, creating the genesis for this site. It is our hope that, through sharing various recovery experiences, the words of our membership will assist you in some small way through your recovery. We would value your comments or queries.

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